F1 Type Power Unit

The F1 power unit offers a 6-8 passenger lift and an advanced medium-sized tank for 6-7 stops. The tank is designed to require less oil. F1 power pack components are in the same range as those used for conventional 3010 EN power packs, providing the same high comfort and reliability. Like all GMV power units, it can be equipped with a conventional valve block type F1 or with a highly advanced electronic valve. F1 power unit provides pump flow from 25 lt/min to 210 lt/min. The power unit has been developed to be suitable for hydraulic loading together with the prefabricated power unit. A type and B type cabinet cabinets can be placed. Standard parts supplied with the power unit:

  • Tank
  • Submersible Pump with 110°C thermal protection
  • Volumetric pump pump
  • Vibration buffer
  • 3010 EN valve block
  • Shut off valve
  • Oil level dipstick
  • Motor terminal board with plastic cover