Sunrise for High-Rise

Elevators can be classified into 3 grades according to the height: Low-Rise, Mid-Rise, and High-Rise.

EGR can be classified into 3 grades according to the quality level: B, BE, and BE+.

Among around 100 EGR producers in the world, around 10 can produce the real B class, 4 can make the real BE class, and only 3 can make the BE+ class. Sunrise is the one of the few who master the core skills and technologies of producing real BE and BE+.

91% EGR in the world are made in China, 50% high-rise buildings are located in China, however, the supply of BE and BE+ had been heavily relied on import from Europe and Japan, before Sunrise formally entered the high-rise segment.

Can Chinese EGR producers make the good quality BE and BE+? The answer is yes, Sunrise can do.

Are there any high-rise elevators using Sunrise’s BE and BE+ EGR? The answer is also yes. Firstly Schindler, then ThyssenKrupp, over 2000 high-rise elevators have been installed with Sunrise BE and BE+ EGR and operate successfully since 2014.

It takes time and risk for Multi-National Companies (MNCs) to change a high-rise EGR supplier, but the one who does will receive huge benefits in cost saving, passenger comfort upgrade and local service improvement, and thus create huge competitiveness for the High-Rise Elevator/Project Biddings.

Sunrise For High-Rise, this slogan will be questioned, challenged but eventually remembered and approved by the market in the next 5 years.

“Why Choose Sunrise Guide Rails?”

1. Better raw material means safe. 

The raw material of Sunrise guide rails has the best range for tensile strength, it means better matching with the safety gear paring tests.

Sunrise guide rail raw material fulfills all the requirements of ThyssenKrupp, Schindler, OTIS, Fujitec, KONE, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Yongtai, Hyundai, etc.

2. Straight means comfort and money saving for maintenance. 

Sunrise guide rails has much better straightness and twistiness than other guide rails in the market, because others may do straightening and twisting once, but Sunrise does straightening and twisting 2 times for B and 3 times for BE.

3. Perfect Connection means comfort and easy for installation. 

4. Just enough oil means guarantee of no rust and environmental friendly.

Some rails have too less oil, so it is easy to get rusty.

Some rails have too much oil, so it is difficult to clean, and polluting our environment.

Sunrise guide rail has the just enough oil, it ensures your rails are not rusty and easy to clean, especially for European and American countries.

5. If Sunrise can do High-Rise well, then Sunrise must be able to do Mid-Rise and Low-Rise more than well.