Hydraulics Systems GMV

GMV, begin in 1958 on Milano – The elevator sector, which started in Italy, continues to be the world's most widely used elevator hydrlik unit manufacturer. GMV, in addition to benefiting from the opportunities offered by high technology at every stage of its production, modern elavator is in a position to meet many requirements in the elevator industry.
Safety, elegance, versatility and ergonomic handling advantages, GMV is It the ideal solution for designers and assembly companies.

Bulut Makina, Since 2000 GMV Hydraulics company of the sole authorized distributor in Turkey.


Our suspension production is made entirely by laser cutting hair. Semer tipi ve mekanis süspansiyonlarımız mukavemet analizi yapılmış olan standart sac büküm profillerle tasarlanmıştır. Even the smallest screws, holes and rivets are capable of providing spare parts even after years, and there are different siding possibilities;
Standard suspensions (pit of 800mm and above)
Specially designed suspensions (under 800mm pit)
Special systems operating in accordance with the Elevator Directive (up to 250mm pit)
Special systems operating in accordance with the Machinery Directive (up to 100mm pit)