Passenger Elevator

Passenger Lift

As we all know, vehicles designed to carry people and loads in buildings are called elevators. After the rapid expansion of the urban transformation, the number of high-rise buildings increased and the elevators occupied much more space in our lives.
As you can appreciate, people without a health problem can climb up to the top floor of a 3 to 5-storey building with a ladder, but it will be very difficult to climb the stairs after the 5th floor. Therefore, 10-storey buildings built in recent years, high-rise residences are considered an indispensable tool for the elevator when taken into consideration. Human lifts are designed and implemented in the most appropriate way by considering the intensity of the projects during the project process. The elevators designed by classifying as electric and hydraulic classes are class I in the structure and class II outside the structure. These elevator systems can be manufactured from 240kg to 320kg, 400kg, 630kg, 800kg, 1000kg, 1250kg and 1600kg capacity.